Eighteen Kit

This is an artificial hymen capsule and it is intended to mimic the loss of blood during the defloration process that happens when a female loses her blood of virginity by using fake blood capsules.

Worried about not being the “bleeding Virgin”?

No need to worry about this anymore. Our artifical hymen kit is good as the real thing!

Artificial Hymen Pills

Our product ensures that you have the premium experience of your special day. The product is 100% non-toxic which means no side effects and no issues of using the product on the next day. Eighteen kit is meant to help you in these times of need there is no reason to be afraid be fearless. Eighteen kit is your best wedding night partner for authentic sexual pleasure.

The package come with 2 pills inside the box 1 is a spar in case you want to try it out first before the big day. Dip the case for 20 second in water if your special day is in the winter season and place the case in vagina (around 7-8 cm) with the entire center finger and set down on bed and hold up to 30 minutes before indulging in a sexual intercourse. Following the 30 minutes time begins to within 2 to 4 hours when your loved one does intercourse with you it will come out as an enormous sum of fluid and it will feel like real blood

Artificial Hymen repair kit
  • No extraordinary tingling in any sense in the uterus.
  • No Bacteria.
  • No expansion and consumption around the uterus or vaginal tightening.
  • Odorless and without the fear of infection.
  • 100% aftereffect of natural defloration process.
  • No Doctor visits.
  • No medication.
  • No Costly operation.
  • An artificial hymen kit side effects are none.
Your Advantages

Why customers choose us

  • No Side Effects
    No Side Effects
    All of our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and have no side effects.
  • 100% Safe Use and Result
    100% Safe Use and Result
    Do not worry about the application, because it is simple and safe
  • No Surgery
    No Surgery
    You simply apply the products yourself and you do not need a doctor.
Eighteen Kit

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What our clients say

I was skeptical about trying Eighteen Kit. I heard of it from a relative and I am glad I tried it. It is a great option for artificial hymen repair for sure. It made my first time lasting happiness for both of us. I recommend it to other girls who need help.

Nazia Aslam

Proof of virginity does put a lot of pressure on the girls’ minds the first time in most cases. Not knowing whether my hymen would bleed, or not, had put a lot of strain on my mind. I am glad I opted for this artificial hymen repair kit regardless of my wedding. Seeing his joy the next morning was something I cherish even today. Highly recommended.

Shubana Kausar

When it comes to choosing the right product and making the decision, Eighteen Kit is one of the best products that have made me happy. Eighteen Kit is a great product to confirm virginity on the wedding night. The timing of the capsule is also correct. The vaginal tightening product in the box of Eighteen Kit tightened the vagina even it was complicated to insert eighteen kit capsule into the vagina. Thanks to the Eighteen Kit’s team who provide me fast feedback and a complete usage guide, quickest service with prompt delivery


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