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A few years ago, a post about Artificial Hymen Repair on HuffPost made a buzz. It boldly said women could the hymen restore within 5 minutes. Obviously, most people thought of it as weird new, and justifiably so, not many people understood why it was so important.

The Age-old Tale About Virginity

For some women, not bleeding on their first night with their grooms leads to their defamation and oftentimes, a divorce. We still live in a time where a woman’s virtue is important for most people. “A virgin must bleed” – most traditional people insist, not just in Pakistan but also worldwide.

So if you are wondering if a hymen is a myth, let us set this straight – it is not a myth. It exists and it does bleed at times, not always.

Ironically, not everyone understands that bleeding does not confirm virginity. Most of the time, it depends on how the groom takes his virgin across the bridge. If he is gentle and slow enough, there is no bleeding.

Sadly, most people are ignorant of this fact.

In most weddings, not every groom may be brutal and lead to bleeding. Some men, on the other hand, feel cheated without seeing blood on the bedsheet and accuse the woman of losing her virtue before the nuptial. They may even consider divorcing their brides on a whim without justified reasons.

This puts a lot of mental pressure on women to find ways to hymen restore.

Besides, depending on the woman’s lifestyle and activities, some women are unaware of the fact that they lost their hymen at some point in life. Scientifically, women who ride horses, or engage in heavy lifting, take part in cycling, and other sports may cause their hymen significant damage. The damage means they do not end up seeing any blood on their first time.

What is Eighteen Artificial Hymen Repair Kit?

Eighteen Kit Hymen Restore has become one of the most-talked-about products in recent days. It is an artificial Hymen capsule, which contains almost artificial blood. If you have been worrying about how to restore virginity, but the procedures are too expensive, this Artificial Hymen repair kit is perfect for you.

Just as there are two sides to a coin, there is a justified reason for the hype on this product. While there may seem to be cons of using it, there are pros worth mentioning. Here is why women love this product:

Why You May Want to Restore the Hymen

To sum it up, here are three main reasons why opting for the Eighteen Kit Hymen Restore can be the best thing you do.

1.      Hymen Naturally Deteriorates

Depending on your age and lifestyle, if you fear you may have lost your hymen and this could be a serious problem at your wedding, using this capsule will be a lifesaver for you. You can simply place the capsule in the vagina and let it do its work on your wedding night. There is no way to hymen restore in the actual sense, but this is the next best thing.

2.      Not Every Hymen Bleeds

Every woman’s body is different. Age matters too, and sometimes, it is just natural that women do not bleed their first time. However, because our society sticks to stereotypical beliefs about the bleeding virgin, not every man maybe that understanding. Seeing something is the key to a blissful life for him, which is where the Eighteen Artificial Hymen Repair Kit proves a great option.

3.      Maintaining Family Honor

Artificial Hymen Repair

We live in a society where women’s honor is a big deal. On the next morning, in some families, the elderly women check the bedsheet for proof of virginity. This is an age-old tradition, followed by most families even in these times. To such people, not seeing blood-smeared means the bride had been with someone else. Eighteen Kit solves this issue because a virgin cannot be sure if she has an intact hymen and if it will bleed.

FAQs about Eighteen Artificial Hymen Repair Kit

Aside from these reasons, here are some frequently asked questions we felt we should address:

With the society still following the myth, how will Eighteen Kit prove useful?

Showing people what they need to is sometimes the best way to live a blissful and happy life. It is easier to fight smaller battles and get victory rather than trying to change a belief that goes back centuries.

Does Eighteen Kit work on the wedding night? Should you use Eighteen Kit on the wedding night?

Yes, it helps a lot. The blood smear seems natural and when seen on the bedsheet, is very convincing. It has no harmful effects.

What are the concerns behind restoring hymen?

Usually, women fear that the only option to hymen restore is surgical restoration. This is a non-invasive and non-surgical remedy. Eighteen Kit is a small artificial hymen capsule that dissolves seamlessly without any discomfort. It is easy to use and a quick fix.

You do not have to undergo surgery or spend a lot to hymen restore. Eighteen Artificial Hymen Repair Kit has helped numerous women make their lives better for marital bliss. We maintain our clients’ privacy. Place your order today. If you need more information, feel free to contact us.

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