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Today I will share with you my story of regaining virginity. My name is Aleena Ahmed, and I’m 24 years old, spending my newly married life happily. A year ago, my marriage was fixed with a guy whom I even don’t know. He was CEO of a very famous software company. I was not ready to marry him because I was in a relationship with my cousin. I try to convince my family, but the response was no.

Now I will discuss few things about my life with my ex-boyfriend. As I told you earlier, he was my cousin. He was handsome and kind of a very cool guy. Our relationship was three years long. And in this timespan, we slept together countless times. So these were some rough flashbacks of the story, which I’m going to share.


So after my marriage was fixed and I broke up with my cousin, I was worried about my future life. There were many reasons for my worries. First of all, which is most important, that was my virginity. Because I belong to a conservative Society where virginity matters. If any girl is not a virgin or did not bleed on the first night of the wedding, they say her characterless and, as a result, divorce.  And for his whole life, she could not get married to anyone. I don’t know why they are such cheap thinking they have. Especially boys, even if they are modern literate but they still think like this. According to them, a virgin girl is something being pure, untouched, and unexposed. They judge the whole character of the girl based on just a few drops of blood, which they think is a sign of virginity.


I was very depressed, with tension I even can’t sleep at night. After a week I went to my friend’s home. Her name is Sadaf. She is married and has one cute Lil baby boy. I sat near to her we started discussing life. When she asked me are you happy with this marriage. I started crying; she held my hands in her hands and asked me what happened; Aleena, why your crying? I was not answering and started crying more loudly. She went to the kitchen and brought juice for me. After a few minutes, when I calm down. Then she asked me again, Aleena, what happened to tell me in detail. Don’t cry; I will help you. Am I your best friend, right? I said your my best friend, but the problem is kind of severe, Nah. She said, don’t worry, I will sort it out.

I told her that my marriage is fixed with any other guy, not with my cousin, who was my bf. I told her the whole scenario of my family. Then she said, this is quite difficult for you to marry an unknown person. I said this is not the problem. Sadaf said, then what’s the problem? I told her that I’m not a virgin. She shouted at me, what the hell Aleena, how this happened? Are you a kid now? Huh, I was silent. Again she said, Aleena, how this happened?. Then I told her from the past three years I was dating my cousin, we slept together. Sadaf said OMG, and now you’re marrying another guy. Huh. I said yes. She said, you know, in what kind of conservative society we live in, where boy divorces or even kill her wife if she is not a virgin, knowing these facts, you slept with your boyfriend. Are you mad Aleena, these men are bloody dogs; they sleep with other girls, but they always want their future wife should be a virgin.


Aleena forgets now what happened in the past, Aleena said. Now think about what to do to save your character and life, what you want me to do?. How can I help you? Let me know, and I will do anything for you. I said I need my virginity back in minimum possible time, and please find any solution. She started thinking, and after few minutes, she said, ” Do you remember our senior Palwesha? I said yes. Then aleena told me about her. That, she was also not a virgin, and Palwesha had used some pills for treatment. But I don’t remember the name of those pills. I said, now, what do then? She said we would go to palwesha home and discuss the whole scenario with her. I said okay.

The next day I told my home that I’m going to the beauty parlor, and after that, I will go shopping with Sadaf. Then drive my car towards Sadaf home, from there I picked her up. She already called  Palwesha, and she was waiting for us in a restaurant. We reached there in about 10 minutes. We met, and then Sadaf told my whole story to her. She said OMG. I can’t believe this girl slept with bf and started laughing. I was near to cry. She said, don’t worry, I will sort out the problem. Did I say how? Then Palwesha noted, first, eat lunch, then I will tell you the whole procedure.

After we were done with lunch, Palwesha said, I was also not a virgin, and then I used pills for virginity regain. My hubby even could figure out that I had slept with another guy, and I’m not a virgin. I asked her about the name of those pills. She said, Eighteen Kit Artifical Hymen. You can order it from their site, and it is beneficial, has no side effects, and in very minimum time it will help you regain your virginity. Don’t worry about anything. I used it many times, she said. Did I say many times? Why many times. She said, long story. I asked her to tell me now she said I had slept with many guys, including my three different bosses. So for you know boy prefer a virgin girl. I said OMG, Palwesha, you just crazy, she smiled and said, chill, babes, used Eighteen Kit Artifical Hymen. So I came back home and requested Palwesha to order it. I will pick it up from her home. She agreed. And then when my marriage came, I used it, and when my first night passed, my hubby was happy like he won the world because my pussy bleed and it was dam tight, he thought I’m a virgin, but in fact, I used Eighteen Kit Artifical Hymen. This is how I regained my virginity


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